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Hello everyone

I am in need of advice as to how to market Lionel trains.  I have quite a few engines - most are modern day and some post war.  It was suggested that I register with this group for advice since I am in the Palo Alto Area.

I am not a collector but my husband was.  I am hoping to make some contacts who can advise me on what to do.  I have built a spreadsheet on the inventory of Lionels using Greenbergs 2013 Edition which is the best information I can find  given my knowledge is minimal.

I would really appreciate trying to speak with someone to get some advice on how to proceed or dealers to speak with that are reptutable.

All of the inventory is new and in their original boxes.

Many thanks in advance

I can be reached at bondy2@comcast.net  I can attach the spreadsheet if anyone is interested.


Karol Bondy

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