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How can I confirm my E mail was sent and received? Is there a box IbcN call up to see if I any new mail?

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Hello Alan,


Yes, you can click on the "Inbox" link on the upper right of your page to view any messages you have sent and received on the network.  Once you click on Inbox you'll see four tabs: Inbox, Alerts, Sent, and Archive -- just click on the Sent tab to verify you have, indeed, sent email.  There's no way to affirm whether someone has received and read that email, of course, just as with regular email generated outside the network.  Please let me know if you have any more questions, and thanks again for joining us!  Regards,


Mark Drury

Thank you for Email information.
need a email address for Mark Durery

In the thirties I lived one half block from a track, when we heard the freight train coming, we ran to the conner and waved to the engineer, fireman and brakeman we also liked placing small items on the track, like a penny, you know
In the thirty I always lived near a track, I got so use to the sounds like switching during the night that when I moved to Palm Springs in 1938 I had trouble sleeping.
As you can see my interest in tn the railroad started at an early age and is still strong.
A question I have had since my interest in the cab forwards design is when did.the use oil as a fuel start?

What does cab forward and oil have in common, at the start the cab had to be at the rear so the boiler could be fueled, wood then coal. I assume the engineer would have preferred cab forward like their brethren in the electrified trains, with the use of oil the cab could come forward,Enough of that back to my interest in the articulated cab forward 2-8-8-2 Southern Pacific engine, the shear power got to me.I have many pictures of this type of engine witch I will share with you.


Hello Alan,


Thanks for your excellent comments!  My email address is mark@drury.com or you can communication with me through this network -- whichever you prefer.  I would love to see any railroading photos you have, and if you need help sharing them on this network just let me know.  I, too, have an interest in cab forwards and am fascinated by the work of Bill Thomas, Master Mechanic of the North Pacific Coast Railroad round a hundred years ago.  He built one of the first cab forward locomotives in NPC #21, which was also an early oil burner.  There are a number of images of this locomotive on my other network, one of which may be found here:






Mark D.

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